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NEWS                   (last updated 13/12/02)

13/12/02 - Friday the 13th - Does luck really affect our lives, discuss in the forum here. Also sign my guest book so I can see what you thought of the site. Vote (top-left corner) please. The is a new 'Maps' section of website. Four updates:

  • New Map: Old World: Realm of Men

  • New Map: Old World: Loren (Land of the Wood-Elves)

  • New Map: Old World: Norsica

  • New Map: Old World: Sindarin (Realm of the Gray Elves)

  • New Map: Old World: High-Elf City States


12/12/02 - Hi, one update to talk about. It's listed below. Remember to join the mailing list and vote for us (see the top left of the page), Also visit our forum here.


10/12/02 - Welcome to Terra, a world of mystery and magic. Make sure you check out the preview of the forthcoming adventure Occult References (first chapter in a series of adventures entitled Chronicles of Terra), by clicking on the thing to your right or looking in the Adventures section of the archive.

Enjoy looking around. But if you're one of my players stay away.


James Henley,
High Lord of Terra


Introduction To Terra

Terra is a big world, and I haven't even started to describe how most of it is, so this section is far from complete, so what is written here is far from complete and will grow as the world, and subsequently the website, grows.

Terra is a typical fantasy campaign world, its round, is inhabited by all the usual elves, goblins and dwarves as well as the dominating humans and everyone runs around with bows, arrows and bastard swords (why is it that everyone wants to be armed with a bastard sword, give me a mace anytime, but make sure you give it a fancy name first).

The world to which I have given the name 'Terra' (after the Latin for earth) consisted of three major landmasses (not unlike America, Asia and Oceania), The Old World, The New World and the Southern Polar Wastes.

The Old World

The Old World was originally the land of the Humans, Dwarves and the Elves, but now is shared with many other unwanted pests. The High Elven City states line up down the coast, south of the Realm of Men, and many settlements of mixed Elven descent have cropped up around these. The Wood Elves occupy the forest of 'Loren' in the center of the continent across from the High Elves. Right in the South of the Old World is the elitist kingdom of the Gray Elves. The Dwarves get along with the Humans but are suspicious of the Elves. Elves of Gray descent are rarely seen outside of their own country and even then all are 'Mudbloods' of un-pure Gray Elven descent.

More about places that have been touched upon here can be found in the Background section of the website. All of the above section is Open Game Content.

Some of this site is open game content under the Open Game Content License. Where it is Open Game Content is stated clearly underneath the text. Dungeons & Dragons & Wizards of the Coast is a registered trademark of Wizards of the Coast. Used without permission. No challenge to their status as authors of the game is intended.


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